Alexis Gomez American Idol Hollywood, Round Two Includes Centerville Ohio Standout

Hollywood Week continues as more singers hoping they will make it through to the infamous Group Round.

It was exciting to watch Centerville’s Alexis Gomez impress the judges with her solo performance. She sings with such ease, local Idol Chatter expert Ann Reynolds said, and her look and vocals definitely stood out.

15 year-old Daniel Seavey also stood out. He is the only contestant that actually looks like a young teenager. But he has strong vocals and seems very confident on stage, along with an undeniable cuteness, Ann admits. He moves on to the next round — but will he be able to handle the pressure that comes with the group performances?

Qaasim Middleton not only wowed the judges, but he seems to have all of the contestants acting like he is already a rock star. He had a great voice and the swagger of a seasoned performer, easily making it to the next round. He is one to watch. This guy exudes a super-star quality, and has the vocals to back it up.

Contestants now had to put themselves in groups of four, and have one night to get their vocals and performance together. Only a few groups seem to figure it out quickly, and get it just right.

Courtesy FOX 45 News